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SKATE PARLOUR is Leicester's only indoor skatepark built by the founders of Mama Skate CIC, Yusra and Lily.

We hope to provide a safe, secure, and sheltered space for people of all walks of life to come and skateboard.

We are not just a skatepark.

Skate Parlour aims to bring marginalised groups closer, and diversify the sport focusing on race and gender issues, as well as other barriers to the sport that have been found throughout recent years.

With the work of  Mama Skate, we hope to become a hub of skateboarding, art, culture, and social causes, which often goes hand in hand with the sport.



Following COVID-19 guidelines set out by the government, we have created an online booking system to ensure physical distancing is possible during session hours.

Please see our BOOK ONLINE tab

Sessions we offer include:

Ladies only sessions (fortnightly)

Beginners sessions (child and beginner)

Beginner 1:1

After school club

BMX night

Scooter Hours

Skateboard Only

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