STEP 1- No earlier than 12 April
- Indoor skateparks can open; must adhere to previous protocols for cleaning, venue capacity and ventilation;
- Adult activity in indoor skateparks permitted for individuals or own household only - no organised group skateboarding for adults;
- U18 organised coaching sessions permitted;
- Adults bringing children to sessions must not stay in the venue during the sessions
- Indoor 1-2-1 skateboard coaching permitted for adults & U18’s.

STEP 2 - No earlier than 17 May
- Adult organised group skateboarding allowed at indoor skateparks;
- Rule of 6 or two households for informal indoor adult skateboarding;
- Overnight stays permitted.

STEP 3 - No earlier than 21 June
- No legal limits on indoor or outdoor skateboarding at skateparks;
- No restrictions for skateboarding competitions or events.

COVID-19 GUIDANCE FOR skate parlour

- Please fill in COVID-19 declaration form before attending

-You are not required to wear a mask if you are skateboarding

-Spectators are subject to numbers per session

-Please use the hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities available


-Please ask reception about lockers to prevent cross contamination in common areas